I Am the Soundtrack


“It’s one of those albums that on first listen you pick out 1 or 2 favorites, but you know that in a couple of weeks a different song will stick out as your favorite. It’s got longevity in that sense… strong song after strong song… ”

” Needles to say I’m really impressed by Drunk Pedestrian’s talents. He put together a classic LP, nuff said! Go get it!
Score: 5 out of 5″

“All in all, get ready to get your head knocking to some goood music when you pop in Drunk Pedestrian’s “I am the Soundtrack”

” for those who are into hip hop you have some interesting music . I’m sure you can keep their feet tapping all night , hell maybe a few car trunks will fly open with your groovey bass beats . ”

“It’s quite diverse, in that it has a wonderfully gritty old school vibe, with a big nod to both hip hop, ninja tunes styled material”

“Fuckin refreshing!”

Album Review

In case you didn’t know, DP is a DJ/producer/techie/bacon lover/humor provider all in one. He has just released an album entitled “I am the Soundtrack”. Production is entirely handled by the man himself (it’s almost 100% composed). The LP is packed with collabs with the ILL fam. Now time for the review.

1. Change (Intro) (5 out of 5 Classic)

Now that’s a dope intro! I’m really digging the jazzy horn-driven beat. Also nice punchy drums and vocal samples.

2. Genesis (Feat. Relic) (5 out of 5 Classic)

Relic aka the guy who spends his life on ILL is spitting like a mad man on this! Indeed he’s flowing effortlessly with a lot of confidence. The raw old skool synth beat and the scratching are also very nice.

3. Scratchin (Instrumental Feat. Expressive Aphasia) (4.5 out of 5 Very Good)

Nice bassline and horns; nice cuts/scratches from Expressive Aphasia.

4. Building (Feat. Queen) (4.5 out of 5 Very Good)

Hard funky beat with dope guitars and horns. Queen from the ILL fam is an incredible female emcee, her raw flow/voice are really convincing on this bravado track.

5. Craftsman at work (Interlude) (4 out of 5 Good)

A hardcore interlude with powerful drums, synth bass and some keys.

6. Heads in a Net (Feat. Inner Sessions) (4 out of 5 Good)

This is a sinister piano-driven track featuring Inner Session on the mic. Another solid one!

7. They Know (Feat. Ace the Time) (5 out of 5 Classic)

The ILL fam strikes again! Ace the Time aka Unorthodox is rhyming with ferocity on this energetic, slightly melancholic track.

8. Summertime Jump Off (Feat. Spanish Harlem, Step Child) (4.5 out of 5 Very Good)

A nice party track. Spanish Harlem (again from Illmuzik) and Step Child (Relic’s frequent collaborator) are on the mic. The upbeat instrumental features punchy drums, guitars, a round bassline and keys. The chorus is a bit average in my opinion.

9. Let it Go (Feat. Stress One) (4.5 out of 5 Very Good)

Stress who is arguably the best emcee on illmuzik, spits over the bass heavy beat, talking about positivy. DP added a nice touch with the scratched instrument.

10. Mean (Explicit Feat. Holly Heffelbower, Relic) (4.5 out of 5 Very Good)

Welcome back Relic! Holly Heffelbower is also featured, contributing sung vocals on this tough guitar track. The subject matter is about mean people?

11. With Precision (Feat. B-Mac and Kre8 da Redbeerd) (5 out of 5 Classic)

Nice streetwise jazzy track with raw drums and horns. Strong performance from the two guest emcees.

12. Free Sample (4.5 out of 5 Very Good)

Awesome track with multiple beats a la Preemo. Solid emceeing and deejaying.

13. Relic Will Punch You In The Face Genesis Remix (Feat. Relic) (5 out of 5 Classic)

This remix is a nice twist to the original. Once again, I’m feeling the tough guitars!

14. Soft and Sweet (Feat. Jordan Santana) (4.5 out of 5 Very Good)

Beautiful strings on this song about the females.I’m not feeling the emceeing much (flow is a tad off beat in my opinion) but the instrumental is really awesome.

15. She wears this cap (Feat. Don Chaffer) (4.5 out of 5 Very Good)

A short spoken word outro with keys, percussions and guitars. A nice way to finish the LP.

Conclusion: Needles to say I’m really impressed by Drunk Pedestrian’s talents. He put together a classic LP, nuff said! Go get it!

Score: 5 out of 5