Tyranny Of The Urgent


 “If I had to sum this album up in one word it would be Edgy! There is a raw high intensity vibe going on that cannot be overlooked! An industrial backbone in the mix….powerful!

“Wow really had a chance to let this album just play and ELECTRIC ECLECTIC!!!! Really Wild and funky…the production sounded great/ great features. DOPEEEEEEE Album cover!!!!!!!! It all blended well from branding the cover to tracklist and I got something different from every track. Organized Chaos. I like it….”

“Black cherry vodka has a extremely intense, raw in your face mix that makes me wanna start a fight with myself!! Mosh pit style!”

“all great production and very well put together….great work. If u like Electro bounce funkstep…..u gotta here this album.”

“Lots of great tracks here ….. So many really great songs and ideas.”

“Sounds great….. some killer hooks in here, “MPC is dead” and “Shell of a ghost” are wiked.”

“Cool album, theres a lot of really good songs on here which are bursting with ideas and sound quality. All sound nice and crisp and well produced. Great stuff”

“Your production is very clear and concise! It is also very even from tune to tune…..I’d have to say this is a stunning project “